The Most Popular Beauty Supplements Amongst Millennials


The critical task for beauty supplement brands is to get new consumers in an increasingly competitive environment. The biggest challenge seems to be attracting millennials and convincing them to stay a customer long term. We’re past the point of millennials falling for simple advertising. No one is going to get a natural-looking breast enlargement just because an ad tells them to – Millenials want to feel engaged. It is both an opportunity and a threat that millennials are open to trying new products and brands. One of the problems the supplement manufacturers are facing is that consumers may not take the supplements for long enough to see the effects. This is especially relevant for the products that need to be taken for an extended period of time (usually three months) to have an effect on our health, wellbeing or beauty. 

Here are some of the famous beauty supplements that are popular among the millennials:

Marine collagen

This is a blockbuster ingredient that can be ingested or applied to the skin. Collagen has risen high through the ranks during recent years due to its proven anti-aging benefits (including firmer breasts – some say their boobs look like they had a breast lift or implants!) Collagen is available in different formats; from protein bars to supplements and powders. All products that contain the magic ingredient have experienced rapid growth in the global beauty market. So far the beauty market is estimated to be worth around $4.30 bn (in the year 2018). It is projected to reach $6.60 bn by 2025. The marine-based collagen claimed to be superior to the porcine and bovine sources, due to the high absorption rate and its bioavailable. It is expected to register a fast growth at 7.5% within the next five years.

Drink supplements

Drink-based products are the third most popular format for consumers (of beauty products that can be ingested). No company has been as successful in promoting their drink supplements as Vital Proteins. These come in traditional powders or liquid forms with over 100 flavours including mint, caramel latte, watermelon and vanilla coconut. These are bottled collagen shots and come in sachets that can be used as dairy-free, milk replacements.

The vape

Against all odds, it seems the vitamin vaping trend is growing. Some brands are claiming it to be an effective way to absorb vitamins instead of eating them. The vape contains vitamin-infused air that is eco-friendly and odourless. It’s a healthy alternative to nicotine, a pure variety that helps to prevent ageing. In addition to the vape, there are plenty of other nicotine replacement products being developed, such as vitamin films designed to dissolve on the inside of your cheek. 

The chewing gum

The interest in vitamin chewing gum is growing. A study that was conducted by the Pennsylvania State University found that gum containing retinol, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine and alpha-tocopherol increases the vitamin levels found in the blood. Plasma Vitaball offers SmartGum vitamin chewing gum that is of the collagen variety to go with the recent beauty claims.

IV vitamin therapy

IV therapy may have been around since the 1950s, but the trend has experienced a new wave of growth in the last couple of years. It has had plenty of celebrity endorsements, which has boosted its performance and reputation as a wellness trend. The IV vitamin therapy enables the body to absorb the vitamins provided to a level of 99.9%, as they are put straight into your bloodstream. With the oral tablet forms, you can absorb around 8% of the vitamins. Having vitamins intravenously means there is no strain on the stomach or the liver. The vitamins can be used at a higher quantity, much higher than the approved level for oral consumption.

The beauty supplement trends are growing, and the most popular category is anti-ageing. Whether they truly work or not will depend on the individual case.

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